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By | May 15, 2018

If we are able to connect with Wifi signals using Router it is just because of network SSID Name and password. It plays an important role to connect with your wifi network. It is also called the Preset Wireless Security Details. Every Wireless Router contains the SSID Name and password with itself. It is located at the bottom of the Router on the label. However, it is preset but not default still the Netgear users can change the SSID name and password accessing Routerlogin Net admin page.  SSID stands for the Service Set Identifier that is associated to the 802.11wireless local area network.

How To Recognize The SSID Name And Password 

  • The label of your router is clearly mentioned the SSID name. It is mostly written in the case sensitive in alphanumeric characters. Most of the time it contains the company name of your Router such as Netgear. When you try to connect your wifi router to your Device, your device wifi connection will scan this network name. Make sure to note down this clearly to recognize when it appears on your PC.
  • Similarly, the password is written exact under the SSID name that is unique and confidential to every router.

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  • Every Netgear user should know how to change the SSID name and password because, if it gets viral, you may get trouble with your internet usage.

How To Use SSID Name And Password

  • Connecting your Router and Modem, you will access your Device and open its software manages the wifi utility.
  • Automatically, the router SSID name will show. If it is not showing, you can wait for some seconds as your device is scanning the SSID name. It will open a list showing your SSID name you took from the Router label.
  • Select your SSID name, it will ask for the security key that is the password you took from your Router Label. Enter it securely and make sure it should not get viral at all. Click on the Connect. You are connected to the Wifi network.

How To Change The SSID Name If It Is Viral

Don’t worry, if your SSID password has got viral, you can change it accessing the Routerlogin Net admin page.

  • Browse the net
  • Confirm the Routerlogin details and get connected to the internet. Remember the Router Login details and SSID name are distinct, many a time users are found to take it the similar. The Netgear Router Password is ‘admin’ case sensitive for username and password. If you set a new password then enter the new one and click Login.
  • Router Login page will be displaying, open the Wireless Settings and change the settings as per your requirement:
  • SSID (Name): Must be showing, taken from your Router preset Wireless Security, you can change it.
  • Security Option: Select WPA2-PSK (AES)

routerlogin net

  • Passphrase: Change your Password here (Remember passphrase option will appear when you select the security option).
  • Click on Apply to save the changes

Automatically, your setup wizard will get a restart and you have to access wifi network again with the new SSID name and password. Make sure to keep it secure. Whenever you need to make changes in the setting of your Netgear, go to your Routerlogin Net admin page.

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