Change The SSID Name and Password via Routerlogin Admin Page

By | June 4, 2018

Routerlogin admin page allows the users to change the SSID Name and Password which you normally use to connect to the internet. In order to improve the security of your network, the change in security name and password appears as the essential task for any Wifi user. Use of a custom password stops your network to get into the attack of an unauthorized user. By personalizing a home network, users can see the network name but they can’t connect it as you will give your network a secret password. It refers that change of wifi password is more important than changing the network name.

  • In order to change the Network Name and Password, first of all, manually connect the Netgear Router and the Internet providing modem. On getting the power, the LED of the respective technical products will get lit. It indicates that you are ready to access Wifi connection on your device.
  • Following the SSID name and Password, you can connect your device to a Wifi connection. Check the Wifi signals should be connected to your mobile or computer whichever device you are connecting.
  • In order to reach Routerlogin admin page, you will need to browse the, due to any technical issue if your browser is unable to find this web address then type and click on the arrow as given below in the image.


  • The net window will be displaying on the screen of your device. Enter the Netgear Router Password ‘admin’ in a small case. Make sure you never changed it. If you ever changed it then go with last changed password.
  • The Setup Wizard will appear that is the Netgear Router Admin Page. It’s up to you whichever setting you want to change. Currently, the matter is running to change the Wifi password. For this you have to go to Setup > Wireless Setting.
  • Your screen will display as given in the image where you have to change the first option of network SSID Name. There is no issue if you don’t want to change the network name. You can go with the current one.

  • In next phrase some security options are appearing, where you will select WPA2-PSK (AES). On clicking this option, the Passphrase option will display at the bottom.
  • The changes in the Passphrase option are necessary. It is your password, anyone can see your network name and can’t connect it until the password is secret.

Click on Apply to save to changes and restart the whole process but with new network name and password.

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